Burrito Brigade on KMTR

Read & watch on KMTR: http://nbc16.com/news/local/burrito-brigade-continues-to-help-the-homeless-despite-volunteer-shortage

EUGENE, Ore. – A food project that started in Eugene is expanding despite all odds. The volunteers call themselves the “Burrito Brigade.”

The Burrito Brigade has been making burritos every Sunday for 2 years. They’re always in need of volunteers, but the shortage of hands has never stopped them from making food for the hungry.

100% of the food is donated and none of the workers are paid. On average, this Burrito Brigade has about 15 to 20 volunteers. Sometimes it’s less than that, but many hands make light work and the project has come a long way.

“Coming from 2 years ago, making 50 burritos in a house to making 500 burritos in a commercial kitchen is leaps and bounds,” said organizer Jennifer Riehl.

People from all backgrounds work together for the common goal of feeding the homeless. Volunteers said they’re hooked because the Burrito Brigade is a simple concept.

“Give us some beans, give us some food, we’ll make burritos, and we’ll hand them to people who are hungry with no questions,” said another organizer Brian Bray.

“It’s awesome to be able to do that, and to see the warmth from all the people that are getting something that, you know, maybe they haven’t eaten in a couple of days,” said long-time volunteer Roger Whitebird.

Burritos became the food of choice because organizers said it’s easy to make, and easy to hand out. But this year, they started cooking barbeque pitas on Saturday’s.

“We’re starting small like 200, and hope to expand so that we can feed the whole weekend,” said Riehl.

If you would like to know more about the Burrito Brigade, visit their Facebook page.

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